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Condolences for Michele (Halverson) Michaels

Winterset, Iowa
December 5, 1972 - February 11, 2011

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Chris, Ed, Sylvia,Chad and family:

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult and most trying time. May the peace of Jesus Christ come to each of you.

- Brett and Sarah Johnson

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Ed and Sylvia. Our daughter (only child) was born two days after your Michele. May God comfort you and give you strength during this very difficult time. Vicky and Lon Weise

- Lon and Vicky Weise

Michele and I first became friends when we shared a locker in 6th grade. For some reason I've always remembered that locker number (149) and the combination (47-19-49), much to Michele's amazement. We joked lately that Michele would need to use that combination to get into heaven :-) I consider myself blessed to have known Michele all these years.

- Andrea (Hakari) Toven

Our sympathy to Michele's family for your loss of a very special woman. May you find comfort in our Lord Jesus who will see you through this time of sorrow, until we can be together again for all eternity.

- Ken & Becky, Rochester

To C.J. and all Michele's Family...My heartfelt condolences are with you. C.J. I've never met you, but I KNOW you are God's answer to one of Michele's greatest desires in this life-hold on to that as you work your way through your grief...Mr and Mrs Halverson,I remember your visits to our church when Michele Pastored here, and I saw and admired the obvious devotion you all had for one another. Michele was very dear to many of us as she served the Lord here at Rhinelander's Grace Foursquare Church. Although I am one of the older of our church family, I did have the privilege of serving under Michele in teaching one of the Adult Sunday Bible Classes for several seasons. Since it is not possible for me to be with you, I will take this opportunity to share... The first memory of Michele that came to mind when I heard the news of her passing, was ironically, one of her last Sundays with us, as the congregation gathered to honor her and say good-bye. The previous Christmas there had been a "blockbuster" movie showing titled THE NORTHERN EXPRESS, based on a very old Children's book. After she saw it Michele shared with me how she had enjoyed it because even though it was basically a fantasy, if you chose to recognize, and apply parts of it spiritually, the story contained some inspiring lessons. Not being much of a movie goer, I purchased a collector's edition of the original book sometime after Christmas,and as I read it, I noticed one such lesson that is very much a picture of Michele. The day of our "farewell" for Michele I had the pleasure of presenting that book to her, and sharing what is the story's lesson that so reminds me of Michele: Somewhere along the way the young boy's treasured sleighbell has lost it's "ringer." Nevertheless, he discoverd he could still hear it ring-IF he chose to truly "believe." The script goes something like: "Anyone who truly believes will always be able to hear the bell ring." Enter Mihele, because she so strongly and truly believed, bell Michele could always hear, eternally, was her Lord's joy and gladness in her life, and even when circumstances may seem to have made it lose the "ringer" she could still hear it, and followed the sound...the sound of His voice, that of her Lord and Savior. Now Michele has heard that bell for the last time on this earth, calling her home to be with Him; where now she joins with 'The joybells ringing and the Angels singing-a glory hallelujah jubilee' at her homecomig.

Should grief want to overwhelm you, I pray you can think of the privilege it is to have had her in your lives-and rejoice in the Lord.

God bless you and help you...Keep On Keeping On!

In Christ's Love, Ginna Kreft

- Ginna Kreft

My thoughts are with you Chad, Sylvia, Ed and CJ and the rest of the family. Michele was always someone to look up to and admire. Her sweet and loving nature is still remembered even after all these years. May God give you peace and comfort in this difficult time.

Heather Rick-Miller

- Heather Rick-Miller

Dear C.J.,

As a minister member of the Presbytery, I am incredibly sorry for your loss. Even understanding that Michele is in the arms of God, I can only begin to appreciate the sorrow you must be feeling. God be with you.

- Stephen Bowie

Ed,Sylvia and Chad~ I am so sorry to hear about Michele! She was a wonderful person because you are wonderful people. May someone uplift you during this difficult time, as you have done for so many thoughout the years. Love, Shauna Peterson and Family

- Shauna (Redlich) Peterson

Michele was a joyful, beautiful woman. She was a wonderful friend, teacher, pastor, and--always--example of her faith. My heart breaks for the Michaels, Halvorson, and Balts families.

- Amy Espeseth

Our hearts go out to the family and congregation. May God take you in his arms; hold and comfort you in this time of need.

- Sherry and Reggie bell

Michele was my "pen pal" from 4th grade. We just reconnected a year or so ago on facebook. I will always remember how she and her family showed up at my high school graduation in Hicksville, Ohio. I wish that we had reconnected sooner. So sorry for your loss. I was blessed to have known her. May God continue to comfort you.

- Kim (Haught) Wellsand

Michele will be dearly missed by many. She brought much light and love to Barron, and I'm sure all the other places she went, too. Could anyone possibly argue that she fulfilled the mission she was sent on earth to accomplish? I think not. I am grateful to have known her. Halversons, you did a great job raising a choice daughter of God!

- Jennifer (Dobberfuhl) Quinlan

I only knew her for a short time, but, I felt like I'd known her for a lifetime. She will be missed. Sherry

- sherry

I am so very sorry for your loss. Michelle touched many lives in this community in her short time here. She will be missed by all who knew her.

praying for you, Sandi Callison

- Sandi Callison

Thoughts and prayers.

- Cathy

I am so sorry CJ I met you as my neighbers when you moved here, I sat in your place one night for about 4 hour talking about how we were saved and having michele quoting things to help continue . When my dad passed the 26th of Jan I threw the book......but today after talking to you. I felt her spirit telling me to pick it up. that i needed not be afraid of death, that i just needed to give deeper.

she will be missed

God Bless


- Richard Burgess

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