Lynn E. Ochiltree
Funeral Director - Owner
Born and raised in Wilton, Iowa, Lynn has deep roots in Iowa being the sixth generation to make Iowa his home. He attended Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa where he received his B. A. majoring in History. Following graduation from Simpson College, he attended the Kansas City Kansas College of Mortuary Science, receiving a Degree in Mortuary Science. After Mortuary College, Lynn began his funeral service career working with the Westover and Dunn's Funeral Homes in Des Moines and later Lensing Funeral Service in Iowa City.

Lynn made the decision to become a funeral director when he was just 12 years old. His great grandmother became ill and died in the early part of 1980. During her seven-week illness, he witnessed her decline and was troubled by how she appeared. When she died, no one prepared him for what to expect when he saw her at the funeral home. However, when the funeral director (Al Lacock) took Lynn's family in to see her, Lynn was speechless. She looked beautiful! Lynn was left with a positive memory picture which has been his inspiration in helping others ever since.

In 1996, Lynn opened Ochiltree Funeral Service & Aftercare in Winterset, Iowa. Lynn also owns and manages Grief Support Services, an aftercare organization assisting care-giving professionals in maintaining relationships with families. Grief Support Services now publishes and distributes two bereavement newsletters entitled TRANSITIONS and RENOVATIONS. These newsletters are designed to help those who grieve adjust to a life changed by loss.

Lynn's wife, Brenda (Primrose) Ochiltree, shares in the responsibilities of managing Ochiltree Funeral Service and Grief Support Services.  On November 26, 2008, Lynn and Brenda were blessed with the birth of their son, Christian Lee Ochiltree.

He is a member of the First United Presbyterian Church of Winterset, the IFDA (Iowa Funeral Director's Association), the NFDA (National Funeral Director's Association), the Madison County Chamber of Commerce of Winterset, the Wilton Historical Society of Wilton and the Wilton Masonic Lodge #167 of Wilton.

Lynn served as the President of the Iowa Funeral Directors Association (Term April 2004 to May 2005).

Additionally, Lynn currently serves as the National Funeral Directors Association Policy Board representative for the funeral directors of Iowa as well as serving as the Pursuit of Excellence Chairman for the National Funeral Directors Association since 2006.  Lynn has also served since 2005 on the board of Funeral Services of Iowa, a fully owned subsidiary of the Iowa Funeral Directors Association.

Our Facilities
If you haven't visited us yet, we would like to show you how our funeral home can comfortably serve your family.

Ochiltree Funeral Service & Aftercare... Built on two acres, on North John Wayne Drive, we offer a 100% wheelchair accessible facility with no steps, handicapped accessible restrooms, a paved lighted parking area to accommodate 175+ vehicles and two landscaped gardens with pergolas for people to enjoy.

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<b class='callout'>Lobby</b><br />  <P> <b class='callout'>Chapel</b><br />  <P> <b class='callout'>Children's Room</b><br />  <P> <b class='callout'>Library</b><br />  <P> <b class='callout'>Lounge</b><br />  <P>

Our lobby is comfortable
A spacious room with the warmth of a beautiful oak-trimmed fireplace, our lobby is complete with all the touches that are part of a comfortable homelike atmosphere. In our lobby you will also find an antique display case offering several keepsake items like Isabelle Bloom, Scented Memory Candles, Custom Cards and envelopes and more.

Our chapel is spacious
We can comfortably seat large groups up to 250, or divide space to accommodate a small private family visitation. If special music is your request, our chapel is equipped with a complete sound system as well as a state of the art electric key board and turn of the century working pump organ.

Our children's room is unique
Children need assurance that not all in life will be altered because of a death of a special person. We provide a private children's room with familiar activities, including a television, toys and games, to help them through a difficult time.

Our library is quiet
Families appreciate a comfortable private room to discuss pre-planning options, to make funeral arrangements, or spend a few quiet moments before a service. Our grief support library offers your family many excellent sources of information and inspiration to cope with a loss.

Our lounge is informal
You can feel free to gather in our conveniently located lounge for coffee, tea or lemonade. Our lounge is also available for refreshments that your family may choose to bring or we can even cater a cheese and meat tray for your family to enjoy. Our lounge also adjoins one of our two landscaped gardens.