• Complete Funeral, Cremation, Memorial, and Remembrance Services to suit the individual needs of every family we serve.
  • Custom merchandise (caskets, urns, vaults, tribute folders, register books and more...) from which to choose or we can assist you in creating a unique and personalized tribute for yourself or your loved one.
  • Personalized visitations with encouragement to display photographs, bulletin boards, memorabilia and even grandpa's favorite tractor or grandma's rocker.
  • Choose from a wide selection of pre-recorded music for visitations and services. We also have a state of the art electric piano and even an antique pump organ available to use. You are also encouraged to use personal music from your own private collection.

Our Aftercare Offerings

Aftercare is a word we use to describe services following the actual ceremony. One of the most difficult parts about death is living without your loved one. While we won't tell you it will be easy, we do offer support. Our belief is that a funeral home should be more than a place to have funerals. It should be the center of grief support and education in a community. Also, it should provide information to assist people with the transition loss creates.

"A funeral home should be more than a place to have funerals.
It should be the center of grief support and education in a community."

At Ochiltree Funeral Service & Aftercare we have established a grief and loss library complete with 175+ books, brochures, tapes and videos for use by anyone searching for information to help them or others cope with a loss. Our library not only addresses the losses created when someone dies but we also have titles dealing with the death of a pet and how to cope with loss such as life changes like divorce or aging.

To request an Ochiltree Funeral Service & Aftercare Library List, please contact us.


Additional Aftercare Events and Services

  • An annual Coping With the Holidays Seminar (Held in November)
  • An annual Service of Remembrance (Held in December)
  • Subscriptions to the TRANSITIONS or RENOVATIONS newsletters. These publications arrive in the homes of the families we have served and assist individuals in dealing with a life changed by loss.
  • Assistance in locating professional support such as support groups or counselors or therapists, if there is a need for support like this.

Additional Aftercare Resources